January 2017 – Split

This month I won’t be going out to see a recent movie. Split came to theaters last week depicting a villain with dissociative identity disorder (DID) who captures and tortures 3 young women.

Let me pause first to share a few facts. First women outnumber men in being diagnosed with this disorder. The disorder results from extreme childhood trauma that renders individuals significantly impaired in work and family life. Even so, individuals with serious mental illness like this do not commit violent crime more than the general population. Individuals with mental illness are stigmatized and suffer from a lack of support and resources.

I am not sure I can watch this disorder vilified. I know that thrillers make great entertainment. However so do compassionate stories of survival and healing such as the depiction by Sally Field of DID in Sybil (1976) or the more recent Frankie & Alice (2010).

So for this month it is movie night at home. See you at the cinema next month!

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