April 2017 – Lion

What can I say about the heart-warming, true story film, Lion? Sometimes it’s worthwhile to see a film just to remind yourself about the power of love. That certainly comes through strongly in this story. What’s unique is the nature of the relationship. The main character Saroo, loves his girlfriend, adoptive parents and brother deeply, but yearns for his birth family. The Australian parents love both their sons adopted from India as young children. This is not the “everything is neat” view of adoption. Both boys came with issues from and connections to the past. We get to see that we are the sum total of our past, even the parts that may be faintly or incompletely recalled. Feelings and sensory memories like sights and smell stay with us.

This is not a movie that says love conquers all. This is the movie that says love puts up a brave fight in facing adversity and change. Heroes know this and endure. Here is hoping you find the hero within yourself.

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